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On Board River EmpressBelgian Holiday Markets, Belgium

NEW for 2023: Indulge in all of the classic delights of a European Christmas with unique Belgian charm.

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  • On Board River Empress
    Belgian Holiday Markets, Belgium

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NEW for 2023: Indulge in all of the classic delights of a European Christmas with unique Belgian charm. There’s no more magical way to enjoy the holiday season than with a visit to a Christmas market. And on an all-inclusive, luxury river cruise, you can wander the stalls of many such markets in one trip, encountering the delights of each city’s unique rendition along the way. The holiday season in Belgium is something truly special. Not only will each city have its own quintessential Christmas setup, with rows of stalls offering handcrafted gifts and delicious wintertime treats, but they’ll also surround these markets with enchanting festivals, ice skating rinks, elaborate light displays, Ferris wheels and more characterize the holiday season in towns across Belgium. Bordered by the bigger tourism magnets France, Germany and the Netherlands, Belgium is a small country bursting with cultural impact and well worthy of being the highlight of any European trip—whether it’s your first time on the continent or your tenth. Chocolates, french fries, specialty spirits and beers are amongst the many things this stretch of the Earth is known for doing well, and you’ll get to experience it all during Belgium’s most festive time of the year. Visit Christmas towns unlike any other in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands—such as Brussels, Bruges and Aachen, where the markets are often named amongst the best in Europe. Discover why as you sip vin chaud and the world’s most delicious cups of hot chocolate between bites of warm liege waffles and spiced gingerbread. Who will enjoy this cruise: This trip is perfect for those who have been to the classic markets of Germany and are looking for something new, for anyone looking to explore a different side of Belgium than most tourists see or for those excited to lean into a holiday extravaganza for their next winter season.

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